About FSHA

The Florida School Health Association (FSHA) was formed in 1983 through the dedication and hard work of involved members. FSHA believes that the ability to learn at school is directly related to the status of the student’s well-being.

FSHA is a multidisciplinary organization of administrators, school nurses, health educators, counselors, physical educators, social workers, school based psychologists, and nutritionists.

What FSHA Supports

The purpose of the Association is to support a comprehensive and coordinated approach resulting in improved school health programs in the state of Florida.

Coordinated school health programs pull together all persons and services that provide or promote health in the school setting. These services include, but are not limited to: health education for students, staff, and families; physical fitness and physical education; provision of food and nutrition; school nursing and health office activities; providing a healthy school environment; health promotion programs for school staff and families; and social services that encourage social and emotional health.

For more information about the coordinated school health approach visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.